Show and Tell!

Did you know that you can now use Apple Pay on Etsy? No good can possibly come of this. My mailman is probably planning an intervention as I write this, but I just can't help myself!

This week's acquisitions were super swoon worthy. Let's start with a little stash enhancement. Rachel, the fiber phenom behind all the gorgeous yarn at On the Round, had a flash sale this week to make room for some new wooly goodness in her shop. We all know how futile it is for me to resist a sale, so I grabbed a skein of her Spontaneous Sock yarn. It's 75% superwash Corriedale and 25% nylon, and the colors are glorious.
Now I just have to find the perfect pattern. I was admiring the new sock pattern that Kemper, from the Junkyarn podcast published this week, Bickersstraat,  but I'm not sure how the colors will knit up. I will continue to research contenders, but I'm fairly certain this yarn will end up as socks- spectacular socks!

The other pretty package to make its way to my doorstep this week was a lovely project bag from Sarah at EweSewAnSew. Last month I was reminiscing about my pre-baby travel days, and I was feeling a little nostalgic about my Paris trip last fall. I should really avoid shopping while emotional, but the pattern on this bag immediately remedied that feeling. Since the bag was made to order, it took a few weeks before it was ready to ship out, but Sarah definitely made it worth the wait. I'm so happy with it- c'est très chouette!
The phrase on the fabric says "without the rain there would never be rainbows," what a sweet sentiment- and a nice reminder that every cloud has a silver lining. Plus- RAINBOWS! AND PARIS!!!
The lining was just as cute- little water droplets. LOVE IT!
My projects will be so happy to live in this bag. It's a nice, big size, so I can easily store socks, and shawls- and whatever else I might feel like knitting up- super versatile. Plus, I got the matching mini clutch to store any notions I may need. Though, I may just use it to hold my ID, credit cards, and phone in while I run errands. It's just that cute.

I'll be continuing to test the efficiency of Apple Pay on the Etsy app, so stay tuned for more yarnporn.

P.S. Happy Anniversary to me- can't believe it's been a year already- time sure does fly! Here's to many, many more happy years to come.


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