Peachy Keen Smooshy Dream

An entire week has gone by where I've barely had any time to myself... Not sure what the problem is, but clearly this whole "being an adult" thing is seriously cramping my crafting style. If only Atticus wasn't so stinking cute, I would have sold his chubby bottom to gypsies long ago for yarn money.

I did manage to eke out enough time to finish my Zilver, but it sort of got tossed aside before I had the time to block it. I finally got around to it today, and it looks so, SOOO great- I can't wait to wear it!
The gorgeous peach color is so delicious, and the yarn and pattern just work beautifully together. The only modification I made to the pattern was to add a garter border at the bottom, mostly to prevent it from curling, but also to use up as much of the skein as possible. I managed to have a little, tiny bit of yarn left over, but I'll add that to the collection I've started for a future sock scraps blanket.  

Other than my Zilver, I've (sadly) made very little progress on my knitting this week. Still working on my Almondine socks, but I have a long way to go.
Maybe my sock mojo has tapered off. Or maybe I just need to work with yummy self-striping yarn. Next pair I cast on for will definitely be more interesting- I think the tonal red is boring me a bit.

Time to dig through my sock yarn stash for some inspiration. I'm itching for something new to cast on! Any suggestions?


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