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PEI Fibre Trail... Part I

Hello friends!

I found this nifty map of the PEI Fibre Trail on one of our last days, but thought it would be a good place to start in talking about my fun, fiber-y adventures on Prince Edward Island.
We stayed on the western part of the island for most of our time there. I admittedly didn't get to hit up as many of the places on the map as I would have liked, but I did my fair share of shopping. There's only so much room in my little car, and I couldn't take it all up with yarn (but I totally wanted to)!

While we were on PEI for a family vacation, my husband had a webcast that he needed to focus on (the joys of self-employment, I suppose), and he needed a couple of toddler-free hours to get his work done. After some intense googling, I found Green Gable Alpacas, a real life alpaca farm that was only twenty minutes away from our house (it also happens to be stop B on the map above). They even had a Fibre House Boutique that we visited at the end of the tour where they sold…

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