Because I'm Worth It

On Sunday we went up to Salem in the afternoon- Matt was meeting a friend for drinks and I was going to treat myself to something nice after running a 5K that morning (go me). I headed to the yarn shop I usually visit whenever I wander around Salem, but it was closed for some reason. No big loss, that place hasn't impressed me for some time.
A quick chat with Siri and I was off to the wharf in search of a NEW yarn shop- Circle of Stitches! It was fantastic. There were happy knitters chatting in the shop, and everyone was really friendly. The owner asked me which yarn I used for my hat, and we had a super pleasant conversation. I gravitated toward a gorgeous skein of Toil & Trouble yarn, and since I often covet the gorgeous things in her Etsy shop (and also at Mind's Eye Yarns), I thought I'd snatch it up while I was in Salem and add it to my ever-expanding stash. Well, it turns out the owner IS Toil & Trouble- or Ana, the hand dyer behind the beautiful yarn. She just opened the shop a month ago . It was like meeting a knitting celebrity- so cool!
Here's the yarn, but the photo just doesn't do the color justice.
It's like a veiled minty tweed- it almost has a watercolor property to it. It is simply stunning in real life. It's been pretty cloudy for the past few days, but hopefully I'll get a better picture soon.
Im planning on knitting the Flying North socks by Maria Montzka. I saw them on the Junkyarn podcast, and they're simple, but interesting. I think this pattern will showcase the texture of the yarn perfectly. It's been added to my queue!

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been spending a ridiculous amount of time on Etsy lately. The latest wooly package to grace my stoop was from Danie of One Twisted Tree (and The Prairie Girls Knit & Spin Podcast). I got a skein of BFL Prime in the colorway Geographical Oddity. It's amazing!
As you can see from the picture, she even included a stitch marker in the packaging- so sweet. It is a spotted colorway, which I don't have much of in my stash, and it should knit up a mottled fabric. I can't wait to see it in action! It's 75% Superwash Blue Faced Leicester and 25% Nylon, and it will make a fabulous pair of socks. I just have to find the perfect pattern. 

This week's non-yarn Etsy acquisitions were a pair of solid lotion bars from Ginger and Waldo. After falling head over heels in love with the Milk + Honey (now Love + Leche) lotion bar I picked up at my LYS, I started searching for some more uniquely fragranced bars to keep in my project bags. The ones I got from Ginger and Waldo were more affordable- and totally worth checking out if you're as indecisive as I am. I got one in Sweet Orange, and the other in Bergamot- and I love them both! They're a little waxier than the Milk + Honey bar, though still far from greasy. They're just great for knitting. The aromas aren't as overwhelming, but still delightful, and because they're slightly smaller, they're very easily transportable. I've been keeping one on my nightstand, and one in a project bag. Behold the cuteness! BZZZZZ!!! 

I still have a few more items in transit, so I'll be updating soon. Time to plan my projects. I see a lot of socks in my future- if I ever finish the pair I'm working on now... But let's not talk about that.


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