Hauls For Healing

Buckle up, we're going for a ride to Stash Enhancement Central! Yup, you guessed it- this post is all about the goodies I collected this month (and what I've already made out of them). If I've learned anything while couch-bound, it's that a little retail therapy can be pretty helpful in the healing process.

Right after my surgery, Matt had to leave on a business trip to Dubai for a week. He'd FaceTime us from the pool and report back all the awesome fun he was having, while I was strapped to my CPM machine and utterly miserable. I wanted him to get eaten alive by a rabid camel. This negative attitude required an adjustment- and pronto. Clearly the best remedy for my foul mood, I astutely deduced, was shopping. Yarn shopping. Obviously.

My first splurge was at WEBS, where I picked up a couple of skeins of Regia Design Line by Arne & Carlos (you should know by now how deep my love for this yarn runs. Deep!).
As I mentioned in the last post, I've already started (and almost finished) a pair of socks with the bottom colorway. The red and green shades in the patterning totally say Christmas- don't they?
Someone is going to have toasty toes on Christmas morning... I'll never tell who, though!

I also got two skeins of Mrs. Crosby Steamer Trunk in the Peacock colorway (which I discussed at length here) for the Linnaeus Cowl.
Well folks, I finally blocked Lady Linnaeus and got a worthy glamour shot of her in all her glory!
This cowl is seriously beautiful. It's another Christmas gift, but I have decided that I need to make one for myself just as soon as giftmas knitting wraps (ha, see what I did there?).

At some point during Matt's absence I got an email from Knit Picks proclaiming the return of Felici! Rejoice!!! Then this happened...
True story. I called up to place an order via their fantastic customer service line. I haven't done that since, well, EVER! Sorry not sorry. I had to get my fix.
I showed this pic last post, but I can't get enough of that stripy goodness! That's five more fabulous socks in my future. I've already got plans for that Madrigal colorway at the end, but you'll have to stay tuned to see more on that.

Last, but certainly not least, I took full advantage of Gnome Acres Gnomestock sale and grabbed as many minis as my fingers could tap out on my iPhone. And also not minis. Okay, maybe I have a problem... But look at this glorious haul!
I nabbed a Doppleganger Set of Bertie Bott's and Berry (upper left), the Holiday Mini Skein set (upper right), a Milk and Cookies set- with a gnome cookie cutter (lower right), and the Ron Swanson Special Mini Set (lower left). I also got some pin back buttons just because they were so stinking cute. Amanda even included an adorable temporary tattoo (in the middle), and a teeny, tiny, wee skein keychain (not pictured because it had to go on my keys immediately).

Needless to say, I'm on a strict yarn diet from now until next year... Or until I have another fiber-induced blackout shopping spree. It's all to aid in my recovery! Yes, that's totally it. Let the healing begin!


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