Present Knitting Productivity

Alexa received her birthday package and loved everything- which makes me super happy! I love it when people appreciate all the work and time that goes into making something. I'm really lucky to have her as a friend- she is totally knit worthy! I made her a Laurel Hat and a Holey Schmoley shawl set- both out of Madeline Tosh DK.
The hat is in the Iris colorway, and I used both Iris (leftover from the hat), and Ink for the shawl.
Here I am modeling the Holey Schmoley. Please ignore the weird angle, I was trying to get as much of the shawl- and as little of me- in the shot as possible.
I wet blocked it with my Tuft Woolens Sock Soap in Russian Flower and it smells so wonderful! It's not an overpowering scent at all, just warm and subtle. This may be the beginning of my Tuft Woolens love affair. It's all soooooo good- heaven for my nose!

I managed to finish Matt's hat in just a few days. It felt like the knit that would never end. So. Much. Ribbing. Not the most fun or adventurous knit, but it was exactly what he wanted. He's lucky I love him so much, because that ribbing almost drove me bonkers!
I ended up doing twisted rib for about the first 3.5", then switched to regular rib for the remainder of the hat. I also decided to try a different decrease than my usual just because. It turned out really well! Matt loves that it's so warm and toasty, a solid neutral color, and that he can wash it in the machine- I love that too... The last hat I knit him is now better suited for a garden gnome.

My Yarnbox Socks shipment arrived! YAY!!! It's Phydeaux Yarns Chaussette Sock in the Miami colorway. It is absolutely beautiful.
I tried to be good and not stalk the Yarnbox Ravelry Group for spoilers... But I failed. Once I saw this yarn would be arriving in my shipment I began checking my mailbox compulsively. ALL of the colorways this month were gorgeous. Brenda, the hand dyer behind Phydeaux Yarns, has an incredible eye for color- all of her skeins are miniature works of art. SO happy to add this little lovely to my collection.

Those are all of my finished objects and acquisitions from last week. Well, most of my acquisitions. I had a bit of an adventure over the weekend that involved a quick trip to New York and some very cool stash enhancement... But I'm going to save that story for next time. You'll just have to come back. See you soon!


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