A Stash Grows in Brooklyn

On Saturday I took a quick trip to New York on the LimoLiner (best ride ever). I wanted to surprise Alexa, who was having a birthday celebration in the city that night.During the last leg of the ride (we had already entered Manhattan), my ChiaoGoo circular needles broke! I was just knitting away and all of a sudden a bunch of stitches jumped free and I was holding a needle tip in one hand, and my Mosaic Felici socks in the other hand. Total knitting nightmare! Sadly, it was the only knitting project I brought with me, so I was pretty lucky it happened so near the end of the trip. Bummer.

Obviously I needed to acquire a new project stat. Good thing we already had a plan in motion for that... My sister, Laura, and her roommate, Laura (I know), met me in Midtown and we made our way to Brooklyn.

Our first stop was Gauge + Tension, which I had heard a lot about in crafty circles (Kristin from the Yarngasm Podcast recently did a show there for her hand dyed Voolenvine Yarns), and I have been intrigued by the concept. It's in the same space as Brooklyn Craft Company, and it has a very cool speakeasy vibe- you have to ring the bell on the sandwich board outside and someone lets you in. Neat!
Once inside, we were surrounded by lots and lots of yarn and fiber. I immediately knew I'd be giving my credit card a workout. See for yourself!

They had a lot of cool indie brands that I've been really wanting to check out, so it seemed like a great opportunity to get a feel for them and take some home with me.

I snagged 2 gorgeous skeins of Lemonade Shop Bulky in Glenda- it's so me!
The amazingly saturated Skeinny Dipping in Bag of Juju. Just look at those vivid violets.
And the very last skein of Western Sky Knits sport weight in Abbey. It's a really lovely neutral. I couldn't help myself.

After getting our fill of fibery goodness, we met my mom for Lunch at Karczma, a Polish Restaurant up the street in Greenpoint. I don't think I've ever eaten so much in all of my life- but it was absolutely, totally, without a doubt worth it. If you're ever in Greenpoint and hungry, go and check it out. The best pierogis I've ever had.

Since I didn't want to wind any of my yarn before showing you all (and getting to pet it more), my sister Laura very kindly gave me skein of Stroll Tonal in Wine Tasting and let me borrow Caspian needles to fix my knitting jones. That was so, so nice of her! I love having a sister who appreciates the importance of yarn as much as I do. I ended up starting a Holey Schmoley for her as a thank you before I went out to the city to meet Alexa, and on my ride home. I love that pattern- it's really easy to remember but turns out a very pretty finished object (Alexa really loved hers). I hope Laura likes it, too.
Laura is keeping me company in Cambridge this week, so hopefully I'll be able to finish this before she heads back to Brooklyn.

Stay tuned for details on our mini Massachusetts LYS crawl- there will be yarn!


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