Colorful Acquisitions

I have been knitting up a storm this week! Nothing like a little deadline knitting to light a fire under your tuchus.

Tomorrow is my good friend Alexa's birthday, and naturally I wanted to make her something with love in every stitch. Of course, I needed new yarn for this endeavor. Obviously. I popped into Gather Here and scooped up some Tosh DK in Iris and Ink to make her some lovely goodies. Aren't they stunning?
While I won't share the finished objects (yes, objects- PLURAL!) until I am sure they've survived the journey to her, there will be pics posted in the very near future both here and on Instagram. If you just can't wait, head on over to my Ravelry page and check them out.

Though I tried to be good (honest), there was still some stash enhancement that happened. We were out on a family drive this weekend, just cruising, when we found ourselves in the Town of Winchester. They have a lovely pond in the middle of town, and we walked around to enjoy the view.
That's a view of Mill Pond, with the Town Hall on the left (with the clock tower), and the Library on the right. It looked like something out of a postcard. So stinking cute!

As we were out strolling, my husband casually says to me "You know, I bet there's a yarn shop nearby." A quick Google search confirmed his suspicion, and five minutes later I was through the doors of Another Yarn. So, of course, I nabbed some goodies.
I got a skein of Tosh Merino Light in Bloomsbury- because there's no such thing as too much TML, a ball of Ella Rae Superwash Classic Wool in Navy, and a set of Knitter's Pride Marblz interchangeable needle tips- which I've been dying to try, and when I saw how cool they looked I had to get them.

I've already cast on another hat for Matt with the Ella Rae wool. Since the Marsan Watchcap I knit him a few years back was thrown into the washing machine and shrunk, I thought I'd be more cautious this go round. It's my own fault for choosing a non superwash wool. I will not be making that mistake again. I haven't been following a pattern, I figured I've knit up enough hats to be able to wing it. I cast on 96 stitches and started a twisted 1x1 rib, but I'll probably make it a basic stockinette cap once I get a few inches of ribbing done. This will be great TV knitting.

The only other things that arrived this week were my stitch markers from ColoRings by Ellie. I saw Julie on the Diary of a Yarn Snob podcast showing hers off and fell in love with them!
I got a medium set and a small set, but it was so hard to choose from her amazing selection of colors! I love this style stitch marker and will definitely be getting more sets in the future- we all know how much I love bright colors!

That's it for now, but I promise to post again real soon.


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