Crawling Through Cambridge and Beyond

My sister, Laura, spent the week with me here in Cambridge, and in between knitting (well, she crocheted), playing with Atticus, and discussing our upcoming trip to Rhinebeck, we hit up a few yarn shops in my neck of the woods.

We started at my very local (and very favorite) shop Gather Here, where I picked up the latest issue of Pom Pom Quarterly magazine- The Wool Issue! The Pom Pom crew does an amazing job, and it's one of the few knitting publications I still get really excited about. There are always several projects that I add to my Ravelry queue immediately, and this time was no different. Both the Oak Crest and Karusellen hats are waiting for the perfect yarn for me to cast on. Soon, my pretties... Soon!
Sorry this shot is so dark, I may or may not have been in a bar at the time. (I totally was.)
I also took home a skein of Manos del Uruguay Maxima in Peach Melba- a beautiful blend of pinks and oranges. Totally me!
Next we hit up Mind's Eye Yarns for some more inspiration. I went in to replace my broken ChiaoGoo circular needles, and Sharon (the owner) let me know that if I contact the company directly they'll replace them! AWESOME! But I still wanted to knit my socks now, and one can never have too many sock needles, right? Home they came. I also found some Hiya Hiya Puppy Snips in orange, and I couldn't resist. I may have to get one for all my project bags- they're just so stinking cute!
And I couldn't very well leave without at least one skein of Malabrigo, so I chose a gorgeous Worsted in Kaleidos- just look at those lovely shades of blue and purple. 
The last shop we visited was a bit farther from home. We went up to Salem for the day and made a stop at Circle of Stitches. They were having a sale to make room for upcoming Autumn yarns, so I basically had to get this skein of Araucania Huasco in fabulous warm oranges and yellows. My first thought was that it'd make a stunning Fall Hitchhiker, but I may change my mind about that. Whatever it becomes, you can bet you're life I'll be wearing the hell out of it!
I did manage to do a fair bit of knitting, which is always nice. I even have some FOs! Amazing, I know! I finished Laura's Holey Moley shawl, and I love how it came out! She seemed to like it, so that's a plus. I will have to update once the weather cools off a bit and I can get some action shots from her- but until then, here I am modeling.
I couldn't wait to cast something on with the deliciously squishy Lemonade Shop yarn I picked up at Gauge and Tension, so I finally started the Bandana Cowl pattern that has been in my queue for ages. I almost forgot how quick and satisfying it is to knit with chunky yarn and big needles- this beauty, which I've dubbed the Funfetti Cupcake Cowl for obvious reasons, was finished in just a few hours and is the perfect little accessory to rock with my denim jacket on a chilly day. I may or may not be wearing it around the house while I crank up the central air. For fashion.
I'd like to stick to some thick, cozy yarn and big needle projects in anticipation of the weather cooling off- not to mention the sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing a project so quickly!  I want to cast on for a Handbrake Cowl out of one of the skeins of worsted I picked up this week, I'm thinking the Peach Melba. I also need to find my sock mojo which has disappeared somewhere- right around the time of my needles breaking (coincidence, I think not). I'll be sure to keep you posted. Happy knitting, folks- see you again soon.


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