A Big Pink Hug!

Hello again! So many splendid treats this week where to begin?

I got a new Freckled Whimsy bag! WOO HOO! I swear, Karrie may have ruined me for other bags- hers are just so perfect. The medium size bag fit my in progress Cladonia Shawl and both cakes of Tosh Merino Light, with some room to spare.
I adore this print- it's the cutest! It even matches my Little Skein in the Big Wool squirrel stitch marker. It was destiny that I have this bag... Well, mostly lack of restraint and an addiction to Etsy, but still.

Speaking of my  Cladonia Shawl- she is finished! This might be my favorite shawl ever- these colors are so bright and happy. It's unbelievably soft, it's like wearing a big pink hug. See for yourself.
The only modifications I made to the pattern were to do the beginning and end of the lace border in the contrasting color- in this case Holi Festival- and the picot loop bind off in the main color- Torchere. I love how it worked out!

I submitted it for both the Through the Loops Summer Shawl KAL and the Suburban Stitcher Around Your Neck KAL. My total points for the Around Your Neck KAL is up to 8- which really surprised me! I didn't even think I'd hit 5- but the KAL model is really motivating. Now I'm on a mission to hit 10 points by the end of August. I can totally do it, too. I'm already planning my next projects.

I used my brand new Tuft Woolens sock soap in Russian Flower to soak the shawl before blocking. I also snagged a knitter's hand balm in Royal Apiary from Martha's shop. This stuff is incredible- it works great, and makes my knitting smell absolutely wonderful when I keep it in my project bag- I can't stop sniffing my yarn!
I've heard so many fantastic things about Tuft Woolens (I know the Yarngasm Podcast and Minerva Turkey Knits Podcast both mention their love affair with Tuft Woolens), so I figured I'd try it out for myself. And now I have about 5 different soaps and hand balms in my cart. I'm not sorry.

Lastly, I had a bit of a foray into spinning this week. All of the Tour de Fleece coverage must have sunk into my subconscious. I have had a drop spindle and fiber for a good 10 years now, but I have yet to master it. I busted it out this week while Atticus was napping and queued up some YouTube tutorials. It wasn't great, but it wasn't as terrible as I'd feared. I still have a ways to go, though.
Nap time was over before I knew it, and I had to put my spinning away before it got into the wrong sticky, little hands. I'll definitely be pulling it out again soon- I was surprised at how meditative it became in relatively short order. I can easily see this being my gateway to a spinning wheel. I know myself too well.

After watching a few tutorials, I have to say I'm intrigued by Turkish Spindles- anyone have any experience and/or recommendations for good ones? I think I'll wait a while (at least until I get a handle on more consistent spinning) before moving on to anything new, but I am curious.

That's all for this week. Not sure what I'll cast on next, but as always, I'm open to suggestions!


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