Saint John and the Fundy Coast

The first leg of our road trip through the Canadian Maritimes last week landed us in Saint John for a couple of days. We got there late on Saturday, so we mostly just took in the sights (and the food). We had a lovely seafood dinner at a Market Square restaurant with some live music playing in the bandstand across the way. After eating our fill, we strolled along the boardwalk area for a while and just took everything in. Here's a shot of the Coast Guard hut and the lighthouse right at dusk:
And here's a moose statue- because Canada.
We spent the night in town and explored the area on Sunday, but sadly there weren't many stores open. I had high hopes of checking out a couple yarn shops that were within walking distance of our hotel, but they were both closed. Frowny face.

We DID manage to stumble upon a very cool craft show that had tons of local area vendors selling all kinds of neat stuff. The New Brunswick Crafts Council did a fantastic job putting it together- they even had a band on stage, so there was live music to shop by! AWESOME!
Since it was really only day one of our adventure, I (uncharacteristically) decided to show tremendous restraint and managed to only buy one thing. I know, I know- don't die of shock! I fell in love with a gorgeous cake of sock yarn from Good Fibrations.  How could I not?
It's so much more stunning in person- owing largely to the 16% stellina content. The remaining 84% is superwash merino, and dyed exquisitely. I wish I could capture all the gorgeous, saturated tones of blue and purple, and the serious bling from the stellina. It's so beautiful! It'll make a spectacular shawl- I'm just not sure which one yet.

After the craft show we wandered around the hilly streets of Saint John's Uptown area some more and got to see the Three Sisters Lamp.
Then it was time to say so long to Saint John.

We hit the road again and took the scenic route up the Fundy Coast to make our way to Prince Edward Island. There were lots of gorgeous sights, especially near the adorable village of St. Martins. Seriously- this place was straight out of a postcard.
The town had two covered bridges, sea caves, hiking trails, and more lobster pots than I've ever seen in my life! It definitely put me in the right mood for lunch. We stopped at The Caves Restaurant and I had to get a lobster roll. I was not disappointed.
And this was our view from the table. Not too shabby.
Yup- those are the caves there in the background, and the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. It was a pretty great meal.

After that delicious lunch, we were well fortified and ready to get back on the road. We crossed the Confederation Bridge (which I was super excited about) and made it to PEI in the late afternoon, but I'll save that tale (and stash enhancement) for the next post. 


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