Home again, home again, jiggety-jig

Oh, what a wonderful week it's been- but it feels good to be home.

We got back from our first big family road trip to The Maritimes on Saturday evening, and I was just too tuckered out from traveling to update until now. It was a fantastic week filled with beautiful scenery, friendly people, deliciously fresh seafood, and so much gorgeous yarn! Let me tell you, a week just isn't enough to explore all the natural wonders that Eastern Canada has to offer. I was blown away by how breathtaking the Cabot Trail is and can confidently say it can go toe-to-toe with Big Sur for spectacular panoramas any day.
I realized after looking through the several hundred photos that I took this week it would be a little silly to talk about everything in one post, so rather than bore you with an epic saga here, I'll write about each yarn shopping expedition separately and focus this post on the finished objects I got to complete. Hooray for vacation knitting!

The Laurel Hat was done before we even reached the Canadian border. I couldn't help but work compulsively on this- it's so well written and such a quick knit. The only thing I did differently was to convert the written directions into a chart I put in my notebook, just so that it would be easier to work on in the car.
Finished in time for the TV Nerd Knits KAL on Ravelry. This is definitely going to become a pattern I go to for quick gift knitting- it's beautiful without being complicated. The best kind of knitting.

I liked the cable lace pattern so much, and the yarn I used was so super delicious, I decided to knit a matching Laurel Cowl with the remainder of the Traveller. I extended the cable pattern a bit, and just winged the rest.
It worked out well enough, but I think next time I'll add more repeats of the cable lace pattern, and/or work more ribbing rows, to make the cowl a bit higher. As it was, I ran out of yarn and had to bind off the last 15 stitches with some random yarn from my stash (talk about frustrating). So this cowl technically got finished after we got home- but I was glad I used up every last bit of my precious skein of Traveller.

The other project I brought with me was my Sockhead Hat. Talk about the perfect car knitting project! Miles and miles of stockinette is exactly what I needed to keep my hands occupied while I took in the impressive scenery. I finished this on our drive up the Fundy Coast on the way to Prince Edward Island- and still managed to see all the magnificent sights along the way.
This hat was long overdue to be completed. While not complicated, it did get really tedious. I'm glad it's finally done because I absolutely adore the finished product. I just love to look at those decreases- it looks like the top of a cupcake... or a BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!
This yarn was such a joy to work with. I definitely need to add more Hedgehog Fibres to my stash- this yarn, and the color, is totally the bee's knees!

Well, that's all I'm going to talk about for now- but here's a sneak peek of all the yarny goodness in the posts to come, but stay tuned for more details and the cool stories behind each glorious skein.


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