I know it's been a while, but that's because I've been doing a lot of actual knitting (not just hoarding yarn)! I even have some finished objects to share. Whoa! Mind = Blown!

The Hitchhiker I made for my wonderful sister in law, Mary, was a big hit. It's always so nice to pass on your hard work to someone who truly appreciates how much effort and thought go into a handmade gift. She is truly knitworthy! I'm excited to make her more things, now that I know how well they'll be received!
As I mentioned a few posts back, I knit this up using some Malabrigo Sock that had been in my stash for a while, and I think this yarn and pattern went together really well. It turned out great, and I think the blues and greens look fantastic on her. Super pleased with this FO!

After finishing up the Hitchhiker, I wanted something super quick and easy. I needed an instant gratification knit before I cast on for more intense knitting. I whipped up this sweet little bird stuffie in just a couple of hours- that even includes kiddo interruptions. The pattern is Bluebird of Happiness (even though mine is more of a red) by Sara Elizabeth Kellner, and it's a free pattern on Ravelry. Now that I know how quick these little cuties are to make, I'm giving serious thought to knitting up a bunch as Christmas ornaments this year. I think they'd look so charming hanging from the tree!
I used some Malabrigo Worsted scraps and a small amount of polyfill. I think I'll make some more little stuffies like this, since Atticus really liked it (he enjoyed putting it in his mouth, at least), and he isn't likely to outgrow it as quickly as the sweaters I've knit for him.

I seem to have been hit with a rather serious case of Cast-On-itis, and started a bunch of projects this week. I couldn't help myself! I want to knit ALL the things!!!

I finally cast on my Bickersstraat socks by Kemper Wray of the Junkyarn podcast, and I used the Wandering Wool Ausable Sock yarn I picked up at Looped in DC when I ran into Kemper. Once I finally figured out the pattern, it became a very straight forward knit, and I love how the sock is knitting up. Hopefully I'll be done by June 13th, which is when the KAL in the Junkyarn Podcast group on Ravelry ends.
The yarn is AMAZING! It has a bit of cashmere, and it is just so incredibly soft and fluid to knit with. It works so well with this pattern- the subtle violet shades in the grey don't distract from the lovely eyelet sections. These socks are going to be incredible- my feet will be so psyched to live in them!

I also started the Pebble Beach Shawl by Helen Stewart. This pattern had been in my queue for a while, and she released all new sizes for it, including a lace weight version. I got lost in the Ravelry forums and saw that Paula of the Knitting Pipeline podcast is hosting a KAL, and that was all the encouragement I needed.
I'm using some deep stash for this one- a gorgeous cake of Tosh merino light in the Tomato colorway, which is this fantastic bright orangey-red color. It's been so long since I picked this up on a trip to NYC that I'm pretty sure the color has been discontinued. The pictures just aren't doing it justice, it's super vibrant! So far it's a really fun knit, and the way the pattern is written makes it very easy to tell if you're on track. I've had to tink back a couple of times, but that was purely user error (and attempting to knit lace during Game of Thrones- definitely a no-no). Can't wait to have this little beauty off the needles, and done in time for the KAL (hopefully sooner).

Bonne Marie of Chic Knits is also hosting a knit along- it's a mini mystery KAL! I couldn't resist casting on for this one, either. It's only a week commitment, and I've been on a knitting rampage lately so why not, right? The first clue (of four) for this KAL came out Friday morning, and I knew exactly the yarn I wanted to use- such a satisfying feeling!
Queensland Collection Sugar Rush is a 100% sugar cane viscose fiber yarn in sport weight. It's super smooth and silky, but a bit of a pain to knit, frankly. It has a tendency to split, even with metal tipped needles (in using my Knitter's Pride Karbonz interchangeables). Though, I must admit that the fabric itself is quite beautiful; it's ridiculously soft and it has a magnificent sheen to it. Plus, it's a gorgeous minty green-blue color that I absolutely adore-- AND it's another yarn that's been in my stash for ages- so hooray for stash busting! I'm a few rows short of completing the first clue, but am definitely on track to finish on time with this one. No spoilers, sorry!

My Sockhead hat is coming along nicely. Since it's such a mindless knit, it's become my go to TV (well, Netflix Dare Devil binge) watching project. I brought it with me to this week's Knit Night so I wouldn't have to do any pesky thinking while gabbing. This gorgeous Hedgehog Fibres sock yarn is doing all the work for me- beautiful!
Once this hat is done, I am going to have serious withdrawals from this yarn- it's unreal- so soft and smooth and the dye job is amazing! I see more of this in my future. For sure!

Other projects I have planned include the stunning Aisling Shawl, which I think I will enter in the Suburban Stitcher Around Your Neck KAL. My mom actually purchased the pattern for me as a birthday gift, and I've been drooling over it since long before that. I plan to use the Anzula Cloud in the bright pink Hyacinth colorway as the main color, with a skein of Tosh merino light in Holi Festival to contrast. It's gonna be epic! I also want to jump on the Rose City Rollers craze- there's a big KAL on Instagram and I'll warn you- when you search #rosecityrollersKAL be prepared to swoon. Katie (@loveofewe on Instagram) is hosting this KAL using the free sock pattern Mara (AKA @orangeknits) released on Ravelry.
So many brightly colored cuties, I cannot wait to dive into my stash and whip some up to add to the madness. I have a mega eye-searing skein of Manos del Uruguay Alegria in Locura Fluo that will be perfect! I just need to free up some needles...

I think that's it for now. You can check out my Instagram feed for progress pics, and gratuitous cute baby shots.


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