A Pair of HOs in my UFOs

Got some actual knitting done this week, continuing my sock-knitting rampage. I managed to finish two socks, though I didn't complete a pair (blame it on my short attention spa... Oh look- yarn!!!). Rather than finished objects, I've got only half-finished objects (HOs). Without further ado- check out my HOs.

I finished one Bickersstraat sock in the super luxurious Wandering Wool Ausable Sock yarn. Boy, this stuff is so soft and scrumptious! The yarn is warm and lofty, and the color is just beautiful. It is an absolute joy to knit with, and the sock pattern was great as well- they were truly a match made in heaven.

These socks are going to be a sumptuous treat for my feet- they're almost too nice to shove into shoes (thanks, cashmere). Though, we'll see how I feel about that in a few months- if this winter is anything like the last I'll have every hand-knit sock I own on heavy rotation.

Once I grafted the toe shut on my Bickersstraat socks, I thought I'd treat myself and cast on for a new project. I mentioned the Rose City Rollers socks in my last post, and they were just what I was looking for- a bright pop of something quick to knit with crazy bright yarn. I caked up my Manos del Uruguay Alegria in Locura Fluo and started them while Atticus was taking a nap. You guys, I LOVE THESE!!! The pattern is very clear and easy to follow, and even though it's written for DPNs, I had no problem doing it on long circular needles. If you've knit a sock before, you'll have no problem at all- I'd even recommend this pattern for new sock knitters- they're just so terrific.

The Manos yarn is ridiculously bright, and knits up some insane rainbowy goodness. This sock makes me feel just as happy as Lisa Frank stickers would- but in yarn! Nine year old me would be so stoked on these... Let's face it, thirty-something me is still super stoked! I'm going to be obsessed with these socks when they're finished, I can already tell.

The other project I've had on the needles since my last post is Chic Knits mini mystery KAL. Well, the cat's out of the bag, and the mystery is over- it's now officially Boelle. And it's beautiful! I am almost finished with this, just need to finish the gorgeous lace edging.

The Sugar Rush yarn is still being a little fussy, but I adore how the fabric is knitting up. I like that it's not wool, and I can actually wear this once it's off the needles and blocked (hopefully soon). I just have to get through that picot bind off.

I haven't made much progress on either my Pebble Beach Shawl or my Sockhead hat. I think I just got too caught up in the Rose City Rollers KAL fever on Instagram to pick up either in the past few days. I have my hat in a project bag on my nightstand, and every now and then I'll knit a few rows on it if I'm having trouble sleeping, but that's about it. I know better than to try and knit lace without paying attention, so I'm holding off on the Pebble Beach Shawl until I have some time to commit without distractions.

My acquisitions this week happened when I popped into Mind's Eye Yarns- like you do- to kill some time with Atticus. I picked up a skein of Neon Now by Plymouth Yarns in bright pink and orange. Because I have no self control, and I obviously needed more neon in my stash. I also got a Stitched by JessaLu box bag in a cute bee pattern while I was there. Because bags. Duh.

This bag is great- perfect for socks and the little bee dangle with Swarovski crystals is just the blingy icing on the cake. I saw about 3 or 4 other bags I liked while I was checking out, I just might add a couple more to my collection. They're really well made, and one can never have too many project bags, amirite?

Now it's confession time. Anyone else totally obsessed with Outlander? Raise your hand. I've become a huge fan, and I don't care who knows it. I got sucked in by the show, and have since read the first two books in the series (and listened to the audiobooks while knitting and running). I just started the third book this week and I might have to join an Outlander Addicts Anonymous group if this keeps up. Just thought I'd share, since I can't possibly be the only one. Seriously, though- check it out.

I'll keep listening to Claire and Jamie's story unwind while I finish up my Boelle. Hopefully I'll have a FO next post. Stay tuned!


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