Return of the Knitting Dead

Hello fiber friends!

It's been a really long time, I know. Please forgive me for being so silent for so long. A lot has happened in the past year- I got my teaching license, finished my first school year with Boston Public Schools, and the biggest change of all- we are having a baby! 2017 may not be going according to plan I had carefully laid out for myself, but I truly believe the universe has a way of sending exactly what you need.
We just came back from a family vacation- our last one with just the three of us- to Prince Edward Island. As we drove around the island I realized how much I missed this blog. It was somewhere along our adventure that I resolved to come home and write. So here I am!

Plus, since I'll be taking some time off from teaching to stay at home with the littles it will be a good outlet for me. It will be good practice to write in full sentences and be accountable for my projects in this space.

While I've been pretty silent here, my needles have been going- and that's a good thing! Can't tell you how many times I used knitting to soothe my soul during my teaching practicum (and when dealing with particularly rambunctious first graders). It's been one of the few constants of the past year. If you'd like to see what I've been working on, definitely check out my Ravelry page and my Instagram feed- I'm usually on my game with posting projects... Not so much with updating stash- I tend to let it mature for a while before I use it (what I really mean is I hide it from my husband).

I'll leave you with my latest finished object- the adorable teensy socks I knit for my wee bundle.
I used the Rose City Rollers Littles pattern by Mara Catherine Bryner and Hedgehog Fibres Sock yarn in the Fool's Gold colorway. Baby things are so much fun to knit- talk about an instant gratification project! I made a teensy newborn hat to go with it in the same yarn, and am working on some me-sized Rose City Rollers with the leftovers- the perfect project for a long car ride. Let the mommy and me matchy-matchy fun begin!

Alrighty folks, stay tuned for more about my trip to PEI- including lots of fabulous fiber finds! Oh, and there might even be some alpaca adventures, too. You'll just have to wait and see.


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