Goodbye, Jinxie

Hello, friends. I'm somewhat embarrassed by how long it's been since my last post, but I've been dealing with some personal stuff that put a serious dent in my knitting mojo.
My precious dog, Jinxie, was diagnosed with cancer on April first, and her health diminished rapidly. Last week I had to make the excruciatingly painful decision to euthanize her and put an end to her suffering. In my heart I know it was the right thing to do, but it was also the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
Jinxie was eleven and a half years old, and had been with me for almost a full eight of those years. She was my best friend. I was the only person she ever grew attached to- everyone else was merely tolerated. Jinxie was there for me during some especially rough patches, and we got through some pretty crappy situations together. Her tiny six pound absence has left a gigantic hole in my heart. I miss her so much.
I just wanted to write a bit to explain my silence of late. My hope is that by sharing how special Jinxie was it will help in healing the hurt that I'm feeling right now.
Goodbye, my sweet girl. I miss you and love you.


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