Sock Mojo Rising and the Color Conundrum

Last week I mentioned that I was joining the TV Nerd Knits September KAL (I love Megan Sanders Designs), and (much to my surprise) I've already FINISHED my Lilith Socks! I am pretty impressed with myself- but it's mostly due to the pattern being so addictive. I just could not stop knitting these- the yarn and pattern combination was like BUTTAH!
I used my skein of Spun Right Round sock yarn in the Graffiti colorway. This yarn is so fabulous! I had a huge grin the whole time I knit these up. I will definitely need to stock up on more Spun Right Round sock yarn in the future- I'm a huge sucker for speckles, and Renee's are perfect!

I've been making progress on my Mosaic Stripes socks- sloooooow progress, but I'll take it. For some reason working these two at a time is taking for-eeeeeeeeeever! It is boring me to tears.
I have no idea why this is so slow going. I really do love knitting with the Felici, so I want to wear these at some point... I'd just prefer it to be sometime this decade. Full disclosure, this is my second attempt at knitting 2AAT socks, but I never did finish the first pair... Maybe this method just isn't for me. Anyone else out there prefer to knit their socks one at a time? I may actually just knit to these to the heel turn and then work them individually after that. Otherwise I fear they'll never get done. The horror!

Speaking of stalled out knitting- I'm still working on the Oak Crest Hat from the latest Pom Pom Quarterly. While it's really turning out beautifully, it really isn't all that intuitive (at least not for me), and I simply cannot knit this without paying attention to what I'm doing. I've been crossing off each row of the chart as I go, and I'm nearly three quarters of the way finished, but I had to put it down for a while. It's in a time out for the time being, though I'm sure if it behaves itself I'll pick it up again soon (preferably before I see the friend I'm knitting it for).

I did get a little ahead of myself and started another pair of Rose City Rollers for my friend Rafael, who has a birthday at the end of the month. He's a VERY good friend of mine, and is totally knit worthy! Raf has been asking me to knit a pair of socks for him for a long time now, well, let's just say I don't want to talk about it. This year I am FINALLY going to make it happen. He deserves them.
I just cast on for these this morning, so I haven't made much progress yet- but they should work up fairly quickly. I've knit this pattern a few times already, so I know I can complete them by his birthday deadline. I am using a ball of Opal Best Friends (which I think is quite appropriate), and I think he'll really like them. I hope they are worth the (years long) wait!

I mentioned in my last post that I am super duper excited for the Curious Handmade Summertide MKAL. If the 500+ projects on Ravelry are any indication, I'm clearly not the only one! The first pattern clue comes out tomorrow, and I'm still narrowing down my yarn choices. EEK!
I am definitely using the Skeinny Dipping yarn in Bag of Juju, but I'm having a really hard time deciding on a contrast color. These are the three skeins of Tosh Merino Light (Nassau Blue top, Bloomsbury middle, and Baltic bottom) that are contending. I put the call out for help on Instagram, and am counting on my fellow knitters and color lovers to help me out! Incidentally, Helen Stewart (Curious Handmade herself- OMG!!!) reposted me and helped get the word out. Let it never be said that knitters aren't a helpful bunch. I am going to let the commenters decide, and whatever colorway gets the most votes will be the one I wind up knitting. I'll be caking these beauties up tonight so I can cast on first thing in the morning- I will definitely be refreshing my email compulsively tomorrow!

That's all for now. Head over to Instagram to chime in and let me know which color you like best- and follow if you want to see progress pics!


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