I'm a Real Prize Winner!

As you may recall, a few months ago I participated in the Through the Loops Summer Shawl KAL and entered my Cladonia Shawl in the running for a prize... And I actually WON! Kirsten sent me a gorgeous skein of Alpha B BFF B Sock yarn in the Waylon, Willie, and the Boys. It is so beautiful- and so, SOOO soft and squishy! I still can't believe I won a prize- the finished shawl is probably one of my favorite knit items of all time, so this was purely icing on the cake.
Since the yarn is 100% Superwash Merino, I don't think I'll use it for socks (I prefer at least some nylon to help them wear longer), but it will definitely make a fantastic shawlette. I'm torn between the Carrie and the Grimes- I think it'd be perfect for either. Thoughts?

I also got some other lovely gifts (from myself) in the mail this week. I needed a new case for my interchangeable needle set, since the zipper on the case it came in broke and little hands were constantly messing with my precious Karbonz (he likes to rummage through my knitting basket- I'm hoping this means he'll be amenable to learning to knit early on). I had been looking on Etsy for a while, and loved the style of needle case that Pokdej makes- and when I saw one I liked on sale I took it as a sign from the universe and pulled the trigger.
This case is so great! I love that it's big enough to hold a whole set of interchangeable needles, and all the extra needle tips I happen to pick up along the way- PLUS all of the cords, ends, and assorted other notions I have. Just look- it's perfect!
The Sock Ruler is the other awesome tool that arrived- and I absolutely love it! This tool is great- I just slip the Sock Ruler into my sock and it flattens out the knitting so I can get an accurate measurement without having to fiddle with a tape measure (which the little one loves to steal when I'm not looking). It's especially useful for knitting socks for other people, since I couldn't have them try on the sock in progress as I was knitting it (like I've been doing with Rafael's socks).  I'm sure it'll get much more use as we enter the gift knitting season. If you love to knit socks, I definitely recommend picking one up.
Speaking of socks... I finished Raf's Rose City Rollers! I even managed to complete them a few days early. I think he's going to love them- they are long overdue!
I'm also finished with Clue #2 of the Summertide MKAL. I posted pics of completed Clue #1 on my Project Page- so you can check it out there. Updated project pics will be there on Thursday, when Clue #3 gets revealed.

That's it for knitting progress this week. Since I've finished Raf's Rollers, I'm already brainstorming what socks I want to cast on for next. It's getting a little chilly here and- call me crazy- but I can't think of anything more comforting than lounging about the house in PJs and hand knit socks with a nice, warm, cup of tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Ahhh.


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