PEI Fibre Trail... Part I

Hello friends!

I found this nifty map of the PEI Fibre Trail on one of our last days, but thought it would be a good place to start in talking about my fun, fiber-y adventures on Prince Edward Island.
We stayed on the western part of the island for most of our time there. I admittedly didn't get to hit up as many of the places on the map as I would have liked, but I did my fair share of shopping. There's only so much room in my little car, and I couldn't take it all up with yarn (but I totally wanted to)!

While we were on PEI for a family vacation, my husband had a webcast that he needed to focus on (the joys of self-employment, I suppose), and he needed a couple of toddler-free hours to get his work done. After some intense googling, I found Green Gable Alpacas, a real life alpaca farm that was only twenty minutes away from our house (it also happens to be stop B on the map above). They even had a Fibre House Boutique that we visited at the end of the tour where they sold all kinds of alpaca goodness. You better believe I brought home some yummy skeins of fuzzy, soft, alpaca heaven. But first, I want you take a look at some of the cute friends we made!

 Hello, ladies!

 This guy may not be an alpaca, but he sure is a handsome devil!
Atticus had a blast! I think his favorite part was getting to feed the llama. This guy is like a big brother to the alpaca boys- he keeps them safe by protecting them from predators, since they are fairly small (about 150 lbs.) and don't have any natural defense mechanisms of their own. Plus, he really liked those crab apples.
After the farm tour we went to the boutique, and Atticus was mesmerized by the spinning wheel- coincidence? I think not. Pretty sure that's an omen. I am still trying to convince Matt...
Anyway, he also had fun feeling all the super soft alpaca fuzzies- like this awesome hat!
What? Too much???

We both had a blast, and I left with some lovely alpaca yarn. How could I not? Behold, and try to imagine the supreme softness if you can. Swoon!

The first two are hand dyed (by Janet Ogilvie, one of the owners of Green Gables Alpacas) and just begging to be knit up into something lovely for my wee bundle coming soon (I better get knitting fast- my due date is totally approaching! GAAAAH!), and in the meantime I've been admiring the gorgeous colors and petting them non-stop. If that's wrong, I don't want to be right. The brownish skein is from one of the ladies on the farm, I am pretty sure it was Izzy, but pregnancy brain is in full effect these days and I can't be one hundred percent sure. No matter what her name was, I thank her for her glorious roving, and cannot wait to make something warm and squishy out of this beauty!

If you have any suggestions for a cute baby pattern please send it my way. I always fall down the Ravelry rabbit hole whenever I try to find something, and then get frustrated that I spend more time "researching" (AKA drooling) than actually knitting. First world knitter problems, I know.

Hope you've enjoyed the first stop on the PEI Fibre Trail. Stay tuned for the next stop- MacAusland's Woolen Mills- an actual, real life mill! So cool! Can't wait to tell you all about it. Until next time- happy knitting!


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